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We plan to launch a new programme every Wednesday at 4pm.

We will add bonus features for each week as and when they are ready!

So keep coming back and discovering new things to watch.

Each week has a core programme and bonus features.

There is also a set of different bonus features that is not attached to a specific week.


So there is plenty to watch. Enjoy! 

Week 1

July 18  -  July 25

Week 2

July 25  -  August 1

Week 3

August 1  -  August 8

Week 4

August 8  -  August 15

Week 5

August 15  -  August 22

Week 6

August 22 - August 29

Each week has its own set of bonus features - but there is even more here as well.

Just 1 item (an interview with John McCarthy, Irish surf champion) there at the mo - but more to be added soon


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